Geocons Trading

The main activities carried out by GEOCONS TRADING S.R.L. company are: distribution, technical consulting and engineering works by using geosynthetic materials – geomembranes, woven and nonwoven geotextiles, geogrids, clay liners, prefabricated geocells, drainage pipes, geocomposites for erosion control and drainage, container sacks.

Preoccupations regarding environment protection and waste storage, the beginning of national roads rehabilitation and the construction of new highways require the use of geosynthetic materials, which leads to good technical-economic results.

Our company also holds the specialized equipment required by geomembrane installation (thermic contact welding, added material welding, equipment for testing and checking the joinings – which is 100% possible), as well as the qualified personnel for this type of works.

Company experts, together with producing firm technicians, can offer technical solutions for the design and use of these materials.